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Grape Vine

Unlock Your Inner Sommelier!

Wine Vine
Wine Grape Vine
Wine Vine
Start Your Journey Through The Grapevine.

Learn about Wine, Connect with Wine Brands Across the Country, and Help Amplify Black-owned Brands.
VINYO Home Screen & Knowledge Quiz
Wine grape vine

Make an Impact

Black wine consumers & Black-owned wineries are underrepresented in the wine industry, however, Black consumers and brands offer immense economic value in almost every other industry - from spirits to fashion and music. Investment in diversity, representation, marketing, & brand awareness targeting Black consumers and brands can help further grow the wine consumption market.

VINYO is a mobile commerce platform designed to connect Black wine consumers with wine and education and expose them to Black-owned wineries, brands, and organizations. 

We’re creating an inclusive experience for wine lovers no matter what level of wine drinker they are by introducing you to the many great wine brands in the country.

White Wine Grape Vine
Wine Grape Vine
VINYO Home Screen
Grape Vine
Red Wine Grape Vine

Learn about Wine 

  • Track your wine palate growth with a digital tasting notebook 

  • Learn about wine through our interactive lessons and tests. Designed for you to learn on the go and at your own pace.

  • Check-in to earn reward points through daily fact cards 

    As your palate expands, so will your taste profile

Grape Vine
Red Wine Grape Vine
VINYO Wine Notes
VINYO Wine Tasting Note Tracker
VINYO Knowledge
VINYO Daily Wine Fact Cards
Genus Vitis
Vinifera Grape

Consumers: Personalize your Experience

  • Create custom news threads to track updates among friends & wineries 

  • Create or join mico-communities 

  • Create & share events and celebrations with your friends

  • Receive news updates from all your favorite wine organizations 

Wine Grape Vine
VINYO Communities
VINYO Personlized Communitie
Wine Grape Vine

Brands & Organizations: Reach Consumers

  • Create custom communities and connect directly to consumers 

  • Sell directly to customers, creating another sales channel

  • Create events and schedule tours through notification and calendar events

Wine Grape Vine
Shop Black-Owned Wineries
VINYO SHOP Black-Owned Wine Section
Wine Grape Vine
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