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Grape Vine

Unlock Your Inner Sommelier!

Wine Vine
Wine Grape Vine
Wine Vine
Start Your Journey Through The Grapevine.

Learn about Wine, Create Memorable Experiences with Friends, Connect with Wine Brands Across the Country, and Help Amplify Black-owned Brands.
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Make an Impact

At VINYO, we believe wine has the power to connect people and share unique stories. Our mission is to support smaller and local wineries, champion Black-owned brands and professionals, and highlight the diverse narratives of lesser-known producers.

The wine industry is a rich and complex tapestry, offering a variety of grape types, regions, production techniques, and styles. However, it can sometimes feel exclusive and difficult to access. We aim to change that by making wine education accessible and inclusive for everyone. We celebrate underserved wineries and brands, redefining what it means to enjoy wine.

Wine grape vine
White Wine Grape Vine
Wine Grape Vine
VINYO Home Screen
Grape Vine
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Grape Vine

Learn about Wine 

Learning about wine should be fun. Our approach, we designed our app to be just that. Easy to grasp, using gamification techniques to enhance your learning experience. Here's how we do it:

Interactive Lessons: Each lesson is broken into manageable sections, making it simple to absorb information at your own pace.

  • Engaging Quizzes: At the end of each section, test your knowledge with end of lesson quiz. It's a fun way to reinforce what you've learned and track your progress.

  • Wine Tasting Skills: Learn how to taste wine like a pro. Our lessons guide you through the process of tasting wine, helping you develop your palate and appreciate the nuances of different wines.

  • Proper Wine Notes: Discover how to take proper wine notes, an essential skill for any wine enthusiast. Our step-by-step guide ensures you can accurately capture your tasting experiences.

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VINYO Knowledge
VINYO Daily Wine Fact Cards
Genus Vitis
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Personalize your Experience

Stay updated with friends and wineries by customizing your news threads, creating a vibrant community of wine enthusiasts.

  • Join Micro-Communities: Share your passion for wine, create and celebrate events with friends, and stay connected with timely updates from your favorite wine organizations.

  • Follow Your Favorites: Keep up with your favorite brands, friends, and wine professionals to get the latest updates.

  • Stay Informed: Receive blog updates, discover events, and create or join communities of like-minded wine lovers.

Wine Grape Vine
VINYO Communities
VINYO Personlized Communitie
Wine Grape Vine


Build unique communities and connect directly with wine enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant and engaging network. By selling directly to customers, you unlock a new sales channel that enhances your reach and strengthens customer relationships. Our platform offers a range of features designed to support your business:

  • Direct Communication: Engage with your customers through direct messages, blog posts, and updates, keeping them informed and connected.

  • Event Management: Seamlessly organize private and public events, tours, and tastings with notifications and calendar integration.

  • Track Performance: Monitor sales, customer engagement, and event attendance to gain valuable insights and optimize your strategies.

  • Industry Networking: Connect with fellow industry professionals to collaborate, share knowledge, and drive growth.

VINYO helps you enhance your business operations, build lasting customer relationships, and thrive in the wine industry.

Wine Grape Vine
Shop Black-Owned Wineries
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Wine Grape Vine
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