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Content Policy

VINYO provides users with the opportunity to contribute various types of content, encompassing photos, reviews, prices, locations, curated lists, articles, videos, and more. Just as wine is inherently social, so is the VINYO platform. Recognizing that boundaries can occasionally become less distinct after enjoying a glass or two, we've meticulously crafted a set of guidelines. These guidelines are designed to ensure that Vivino remains an enjoyable and harmonious space for everyone.

Last Updated: August 17, 2023

Inappropriate content

We appreciate the use of vibrant and imaginative expression, understanding that discussing wine often goes beyond mere facts. However, it's important to note that we do not permit any form of hate speech, harassment, personal threats, impoliteness, or content of a pornographic, obscene, violent nature, or anything else deemed unsuitable by VINYO at our sole discretion. It's also crucial to maintain a respectful attitude towards our staff and moderators, as any form of abuse in this regard will not be tolerated.

Promotional content

Promotional content is strictly prohibited unless you are a winery, retailer, wine bar, or sommelier seeking to enhance your page. If you manage a website, blog, publication, or produce content related to wine and wish to have your content featured on VINYO, please reach out to us. We will explore ways to collaborate while maintaining the site and app's user-centric focus, avoiding excessive commercial clutter.


Avoid sharing private information of others publicly. Refrain from uploading close-up photos or videos of fellow patrons unless you have their consent. Also, only mention the full names of individuals who are service providers and are known to use or share their full names publicly.

Conflicts of interest

If you have a connection to a winery or retailer, we kindly emphasize the importance of maintaining impartiality and objectivity in your contributions. This means refraining from giving exclusively 5-star ratings to your own wines or assigning 1-star ratings to only your competitors. While we encourage you to invite your customers and contacts to share their opinions and reviews, we also advise against influencing the nature of their ratings or reviews for your wines. It's important to note that our team at VINYO will assess content for any potential bias, and we reserve the right to remove portions of content as deemed appropriate.

Intellectual property
No one likes a biter. So be original and make sure you give credit, when credit is due. 

Terms of Use
Please see our Terms of Use to see what you agree to when using VINYO.

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